What is Plenti?

Meat-substitute? Plantmeat!

Plenti is a 100% plant-based ingredient with the most delicious and juiciest bite to complete your daily meal. Plenti has a unique texture and is developed in The Netherlands. It is made from only two ingredients: soya beans (non-GMO) and water. Plenti is good for you and your environment. It is suitable for almost every diet. Plenti is stacked with high quality proteins and is very rich in dietary fibers. It only contains low quantities of fat and carbohydrates.

But above all Plenti is delicious and easily applied in any of your favorite dishes, making it very accessible for anyone to enjoy a sustainable meal.

How is it made?


Plenti is produced sustainably in our very own, gluten free factory. We apply a production technique that is known as an extrusion-process. This technique allows you to create textures out of materials and ingredients, for example crisps, pasta, candy or ice-cream. But this technique is also used for manufacturing fabric out of recycled plastic bottles or biodegradable packaging materials.

Within our extrusion-process we mix water and soya-flour under the influence of pressure and heat. Then, it is chilled resulting in a firm, juicy and fibrous texture.

To illustrate a simplified description of our process we have added an animation above.

Plant-based proteins vs animal proteins

Sustainable production and consumption

Livestock eats lots of plant-based proteins (e.g. soya) in their lifes. In the table below it shows the amount of kilograms dry plant-based protein that is needed to produce 1 kilogram of dry animal protein. If we would consume these plant-based proteins directly, we would need far less land, energy, CO2-emmisions and water, to feed the world’s population.

Beyond the sustainable benefits this new way of protein production offers, more and more research shows lots of health benefits are connected to an increased plant-based diet.

Frequently asked questions

We import our soya meals for 95% from Europe. The remaining part comes from North America and Asia. We have recently started a project to set up our own local soya production chain.

Plenti is produced from white soya beans. However, two months before the harvest these beans are green. How is that possible? When the fresh (green) soya beans are ready for the harvest, we keep the soya beans in the field for another 2 months to ripen. During this time, the beans dry out, loses color and most importantly, the protein content increases. In order to produce our textures with a similar protein content as meat products, it is important that our soya beans have a protein content that is as high as possible.

The essential amino acid profile of soya proteins is very close to the one of meat. No wonder soya is used in lots of foods. In the same time, we understand there is a continues debate about raw materials and how sustainable the production is, therefore we are continuously researching new possibilities with locally available raw materials. Currently we source our soya flour that is sustainably produced and is non-GMO certified.

Legumes, including soya beans, lower your LDL-cholesterol. This has a great benefit to keep your vascular system healthy.

Plenti is not a source of B12 from itself. However, with certain brands and concepts vitamin B12 is added. This vitamin B12 originates from bacteria that can produce B12 and is completely vegan.

Plenti does not contain gluten and is produced in a gluten free production facility. However, it is possible that Plenti is added to a sauce or used as a pizza topping, resulting in products where gluten could be present. Therefor we advise to always check the ingredient declaration on the package.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Plenti is sold to company’s who create their own brand, character and flavor. This results in unique concepts that that fit perfectly to the desires of their local market.

Products with Plenti are designed for anyone who likes them and helps to progress into a healthy and sustainable diet.